Monday, 14 December 2015

Last garden activities of 2015

The year 2015 is almost over. Is incredible how fast it went by!

Now is the the time to think about what happened during this year. Make a balance of what we got and what we wanted to have. Think about what we learned and what we wanted to learn... And think what 2016 can offer us!

In other hand the gardener must think about what are the tasks that should be accomplished in the garden before 2016... What were the things he wanted to do in 2015 that he didn't do and now he has two weeks to make it happen!

So my last garden activities for 2015 are:

  • Remove the summer bulbs. Because I want to change the garden organization I need to remove the summer bulbs if I want to use them next year. What I read is that you remove the bulb from the earth, let it dry and packed in a dry place... let's see if it works!
  • Finish the stone path. I don't think I will finish it but at least all the stones would be in the right place.
  • Buy a small garden house to store the garden tools. All my tools are in the patio and doesn't look that nice.
  • Check the house plants for yellow leaves and clean the leaves with a moist clothe.
  • Bring the plants that need to be protect during the winter inside.
  • Eat the cornsalad. Is the only thing I can eat in my garden now!
  • Buy bird food.
  • Cut branches. 

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