Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Luffa seeds are here

Luffa seeds are here and I almost can't believe it! 

As I wrote in the "Seeds of Luffa by Post" I send a letter to a random lady on Facebook that was offering to send to random people some seeds of Luffa and I hopped to get an answer.

After a very stressful day at work finally a very good reason to be happy!


I got seeds from a plant that is not so common in my country or here and many people don't know about it. 


We shared seeds! 
Companies like Monsanto don't want us to share seeds.
They try to pass laws that forbids the seed sharing. If that isn't evil enough they try to only sell hybrid species so you can't use their seeds to create other plants

I think people should share seeds, plants without limits (of course not plagues). A plant shouldn't have copyrights attached to it. 


The nice lady that shared this with me doesn't know me...  was just a random person that went on a Facebook group and asked who wanted seeds of Luffa and posted her address.

I send her a letter with a postcard, two euro coin for the sending costs and a envelop that she could use to send the seeds with my address on it.
I have to say I didn't had so much hopes to receive something. Shame on me! I should have more hope and be more trusty of people.


In portuguese we have a saying that is like this:
"Fazer o bem não importa a quem"

This means something like "Do good things doesn't matter to who"... And I lived the result of this life style yesterday when I was overflowed with joy when in saw that letter? 

I'm very thankful for this wonderful world and wonderful people that live in it!

Now I have to think in planting this, they need allot of warm and I'm living in Germany (that doesn't happen around here very often). Maybe I will planted inside! Need to research a little bit about this. 
I could also take some seeds to my mom, is warmer there.

After this I'm with the seed sharing bug!


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    1. Me desculpe Miza,eu adicionei seu blog mais não atualizei a postagem por isso não entrou,já consertei obrigada pela observação :) aguardo suas respostas da Tag .

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