Monday, 2 May 2016

DIY - Notebook with free Postcard

Free publicity postcards are lovely. They are designed to be catchy, lovely, modern, cool... But, unfortunately they are not very useful.

You can't send a free postcard. Most of them have a lot of things written in the back side and there is the possibility that the receiver will think it's rude for you to send a "free postcard" to him (assholes).

I remember that when I used to do Postcrossing back in the days a lot of users would write in their profiles "Please, no free postcards."

So, all that it's left for these little pieces of joy is to be accumulated and after a de-clutter fever to be discarded. Sad but true.

To solve this problem I decided to do something. \o/

I joined together the fact I can't send to recycling paper that isn't used in the both sides to the need of giving this postcards a new chance to shine.

And here it is my....


This is a super easy tutorial.

     1. You need a couple of A4 paper sheets, used in one side.

     2. Cut the paper sheets A6  size.

     4. Cut a carton in the size A6.

     3. Make holes in one of the edge of the paper pieces and in the postcard.

     4. Use some wire to tide all up.

     5. Here you have!!! Your Postcard Notebook!


  1. This is a nice idea and very crafty! They are also easy to make. Now you have put an idea into my head as I have lots of these tucked away somewhere and now I am glad I did not throw them away as I now have something to create! Fantastic!

    1. Ohh thank you!

      I never know what I should do in this postcards. Is a good way to minimalise without throwing away stuff.