Friday, 26 February 2016

HM - Dear "Stroke" Diary

《 I need a "stroke" diary. 》

I say to myself everyday since I had my "stroke" and I discovered that I have HM.

But is hard!

Seems so simple but isn't at all. It isn't only buying a note book, it isn't the dificulty deciding the format  or cover colour and design... Is a confirmation of the reality.

When I buy the note book it will be the confirmation of the reality.

Is the confirmation that the "stroke" may happen again and I have to deal with this possibility.

I believe and defend that is very important for HM patients to own a diary. Because the Migraine can sart due to many triggers and the only way to know it is when you have a register of the foods you ate, the weather, the symptomes, the stress levels... So you can avoid triggers and you can know ahead that an attack is going to come.

Reality Check: My first stroke was on 5th of November of 2015 and I still don't have a diary....

Semana da Primavera Biológica 2016

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

The super vegan chocolate & banana cake

Tonight, for the first time, I made a vegan cake, a chocolate & banana vegan cake! And it was perfect!

If I hadn't done it by myself I wouldn't have believed it.

Neither my friends believed that something great would come out of a chocolate & banana vegan cake recipe
When they arrived for dinner I was still mixing the dry ingredients and I can tell you that the look of disbelief was great.

The ingredients for a Chocolate & Banana Vegan Cake are:

- 1+1/2 cups flour
- 3- 6 TBS cocoa
- 1 cup sugar
- 1 TSB baking powder
- 3 packages of Vanilla sugar (or 3 TSB) or 1 TSB of Vanilla essence.
- 2 banana sliced into small pieces
- 1 TSP Apple vinegar (or normal vinegar)
- 3 TSB Vegetable Oil
- 1 Cup of water

How to do it:

Mix all the solid ingredients until everything looks well blended. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix by hand. The oven should be preheated, 180º Celsius for 35 min. 

I used a rectangular shape cake form and it was enough for 6 servings. If the cake is not cooked completely it doesn't matter because it has no eggs. (My cake was really nicely cooked, only on one side it wasn't. Due to a part of the baking paper getting in between).

It's a cheap and fast recipe. You don't need to use props at all and in the end it's the perfect chocolate & banana cake that got all of us by surprise. I bet it will suprise you too.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Tip - Containers the great helper

What I can seed inside in a container I do so, that is one of the joy of container gardening!

If you grow inside you can start growing before the last frost in spring and be just ready to start transplanting the plants to the garden when the time starts to be perfect for that yaer gardening season! 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

No matter how or where just start gardening

I started to be really interested in vegetable gardening and gardening in general when I realized I didn’t knew nothing about it.
I remember going to help a friend that her parents have a farm and I helped her to catch tomatoes and cucumbers. 

First I was surprised because when you catch tomatoes the tomatoes plant can stain your close but what really blown my mind was that the cucumbers had thorns...

Yes … I didn’t have any idea that some cucumber species have thorns and we just never see it because the farmers clean them out before selling them!

Then it came to my mind that if we were in an apocalyptic world and there was no more food and I was starving I could be standing on a field full of potatoes that I wouldn’t know it… and die.

So, for the same reason I started running I started learning about growing plants. à The zombie apocalypse!

I started growing plants at home and at my ex-boyfriend balcony. I don’t remember I had much success doing it but I remember we had a lot of ants and tomatoes! The main goal was to see how a potatoes plant, a carrot plant, a cucumber plant and so on look like. What they need, when we can plant them and so on.

It doesn’t matter if you start small. When you start something is all about experimenting new things and I guess also about failing! Even if it is a garden or in a balcony first you need to see what grows there and what you like more to plant.

But the most important think is not the end result but what you learned with it!