Thursday, 31 March 2016

Succulents Cupcakes

These amazing creations were done by Nat Tesentidis owner and  artist in her Nats Couture Cupcakes business.

Check for her on her Facebook page:

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Tip - Start Small

You don’t need to buy every single tool you may think you need or that the book you are reading says you need!

Don’t think big in this case is not a good strategy! Do stuff slowly, by some cheap tools and check if you like it and grow from there!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The social knitter

I really don't remember why I wanted to start knitting.
I remember that in highschool my grandma bought me the first wool for my first project and teatched me the basics.

I took so much time to finish my first project! I restarted it so uncountless times. Just because I wasn't happy with the result every time I got to the end.

I still have that scarf!

All the rest that I learned I did it with YouTube videos and tutorials help.

I'm back to knitting but it doesn't mean I became faster finishing projects. Now I try always to do things that I never did before: knitting with several colours, more difficult colours and so on.
With this hobby of mine I try to challenge my self to never do it at home in front of the tv.

I call my self a "SOCIAL KNITTER".

You have the social smoker, the social drinker and I'm the social knitter.

So you can imagine, I just knit in social environment. In knitting meetups, in the subway, while I'm waiting for something!

I prefer to do like this because knitting is a very sedentary hobbie. And why I should knit allone if you can knit with other people, eat cake and talk, talk and talk.

I can't say I never knit at home but when I do is because I'm finishing projects and I'm with that adrenaline rush that all the knitters know.

If you want to become a social knitter search on for a group on your area. Or on facebook.

My knitting group: Stuttgart Expat Knit & Crochet Group on Facebook

And here you can find me in raverly:

Good knits :)

Friday, 11 March 2016

Hiking Festivals around the World 2016

New Zeland

  • 10th of April 2016 - ECHO 2016 (Enjoy Connecting Hills and Oceans), the 13th annual ECHO Walking Festival




  • Gran Canaria

  • Tenerife


If you would like to share an event in my blog please send me an e-mail to

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lady Emily recovery station

I presented Emily to you guys in the "This blog has a cat - Lady Emily" post last Sunday.

When we decide to adopt her we thought we were adopting a normal old cat but soon we noticed that she was not in the best shape. 

Measures needed to be taken and we created in our living room the Recovery Station for Lady Emily. 
Everything that she needs should be just where she can find it fast and with not so much effort. Easy access!

We first noticed how much she liked the heating in our living room because although she can't see very well, she always finds it, so we built Emily's corner just there.

Bed close to the heating, food just next to it, cat bathroom just in the middle of the way, plus some needed blankets and a extra place for hiding.
It's just perfect!

On Sunday we cancelled our plans because we were afraid that she couldn't find her food or her bathroom. We felt really nervous about letting such fragile cat alone at home. But today all day at work I could relax because I knew that like this she had everything that she needed.

Right now, all that she needs is to be sleeping, eating, sleeping and eating again. Of course we give her all the TLC a cat possibly can take and I must proudly say that she purred the first time yesterday night!

Today, when my boyfriend got home he send me this picture with the subtitle "She is grilling!". I couldn't stop laughing in the subway. But of course, I asked back "Is she alive?". With relief I read Carl's answer, "Yes.".

22th to 24th April 2016 - Inishbofin Walking Festival 2016

Monday, 7 March 2016


Nos dias 19 e 20 de Março vai realizar-se a 4ª edição do Festival de Caminhadas no Gerês. Em cada um dos dias vão realizar-se 5 caminhadas guiadas, percorrendo trilhos com características diferenciadas na zona envolvente à aldeia de Santa Isabel do Monte, onde a riqueza do património natural e a beleza paisagística são inegáveis. Todos os trilhos são circulares e apresentam um grau de dificuldade considerado fácil, possibilitando assim a participação de todos, aventure-se!

Exhibition of Camellias and Orchids - Portugal

Sunday, 6 March 2016

This blog has a cat - Lady Emily

I want to announce that since yesterday this Blog has a cat!

Not any cat, but a special Lady that came to our lives to make it more special and joyful.

Because she is very old we call her Lady Emily, some times, Dona Emília, when my Portuguese heritage strikes.

She is 100% sweetness!

Skinny to her bones, Lady Emília was found very confused on the streets. Blind from a eye (maybe from the two, we don't know yet) and a couple of collectible tumours in at least three of her organs as any other cat of her age can proudly announce.

She has no pain and only cares about eating and sleeping... Just right now she is snoring like a sailor in my bed, under the blankets with her head on the pillow.

I think, she is going to be just fine. :)