Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lady Emily recovery station

I presented Emily to you guys in the "This blog has a cat - Lady Emily" post last Sunday.

When we decide to adopt her we thought we were adopting a normal old cat but soon we noticed that she was not in the best shape. 

Measures needed to be taken and we created in our living room the Recovery Station for Lady Emily. 
Everything that she needs should be just where she can find it fast and with not so much effort. Easy access!

We first noticed how much she liked the heating in our living room because although she can't see very well, she always finds it, so we built Emily's corner just there.

Bed close to the heating, food just next to it, cat bathroom just in the middle of the way, plus some needed blankets and a extra place for hiding.
It's just perfect!

On Sunday we cancelled our plans because we were afraid that she couldn't find her food or her bathroom. We felt really nervous about letting such fragile cat alone at home. But today all day at work I could relax because I knew that like this she had everything that she needed.

Right now, all that she needs is to be sleeping, eating, sleeping and eating again. Of course we give her all the TLC a cat possibly can take and I must proudly say that she purred the first time yesterday night!

Today, when my boyfriend got home he send me this picture with the subtitle "She is grilling!". I couldn't stop laughing in the subway. But of course, I asked back "Is she alive?". With relief I read Carl's answer, "Yes.".

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  1. Blind cats are amazing, each in their own special way. Ive had two, one profoundly deaf as well, and one deaf only cat. They all had indoor outdoor privileges, and it worked out well for them.

    Shes a lovely cat. and she is very lucky to have people like you and your boyfriend who are willing to rearrange your lives and your lifestyle to accommodate her. Love the first photo, like a five star kitty motel, lol. Maybe get her one of those Kitty Cope Catnip Sacks, or make one for her. Mine used to use them as pillows, too. =)