Friday, 26 February 2016

HM - Dear "Stroke" Diary

《 I need a "stroke" diary. 》

I say to myself everyday since I had my "stroke" and I discovered that I have HM.

But is hard!

Seems so simple but isn't at all. It isn't only buying a note book, it isn't the dificulty deciding the format  or cover colour and design... Is a confirmation of the reality.

When I buy the note book it will be the confirmation of the reality.

Is the confirmation that the "stroke" may happen again and I have to deal with this possibility.

I believe and defend that is very important for HM patients to own a diary. Because the Migraine can sart due to many triggers and the only way to know it is when you have a register of the foods you ate, the weather, the symptomes, the stress levels... So you can avoid triggers and you can know ahead that an attack is going to come.

Reality Check: My first stroke was on 5th of November of 2015 and I still don't have a diary....

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