Saturday, 13 February 2016

No matter how or where just start gardening

I started to be really interested in vegetable gardening and gardening in general when I realized I didn’t knew nothing about it.
I remember going to help a friend that her parents have a farm and I helped her to catch tomatoes and cucumbers. 

First I was surprised because when you catch tomatoes the tomatoes plant can stain your close but what really blown my mind was that the cucumbers had thorns...

Yes … I didn’t have any idea that some cucumber species have thorns and we just never see it because the farmers clean them out before selling them!

Then it came to my mind that if we were in an apocalyptic world and there was no more food and I was starving I could be standing on a field full of potatoes that I wouldn’t know it… and die.

So, for the same reason I started running I started learning about growing plants. à The zombie apocalypse!

I started growing plants at home and at my ex-boyfriend balcony. I don’t remember I had much success doing it but I remember we had a lot of ants and tomatoes! The main goal was to see how a potatoes plant, a carrot plant, a cucumber plant and so on look like. What they need, when we can plant them and so on.

It doesn’t matter if you start small. When you start something is all about experimenting new things and I guess also about failing! Even if it is a garden or in a balcony first you need to see what grows there and what you like more to plant.

But the most important think is not the end result but what you learned with it!

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