Friday, 27 May 2016

The notebook rights advocate

Exibindo IMG_20160527_190408.jpgExibindo IMG_20160527_190408.jpg
See this photo above?! 

This is a part of my notebook collection.

Yes, I have a problem with notebooks and everything that involves paper that wasn't used on both sides.

Paper comes from trees, living beings that deserve our respect. Therefore I have big guilt-trips when throwing away notebooks that I own for years and I never used them or single sheets of paper that I didn't use on both sides.

Right now I'm using an old 2014 agenda that was offered to me at my previous job. I try to use it to draft articles, make todo lists and sketch.

The great thing about it, is that it is "forcing me" to be more creative in my metro trips to work. Giving me a small break to be disconnected from the world!

I found out in the Stuttgart Airport bathroom that I'm not the only one with this paper=trees conscience. There is a Guerilla Paper Waste Elimination Project out there.

These Come From Trees Sticker

These Come from Trees is the project that is trying to save a couple hundred thousand trees a year. Sticking a sticker in the right place and hoping that the person using the paper towels to dry their hands in the public bathroom, thinks twice before getting an extra load of paper and wasting it!

Check out this guy, that saved tons of paper just by teatching us how to clean our hands. His name is Joe Smith and it's worth your time.

and a twitter acount:


  1. This is cool and we all need to work harder at taking care of and saving our environment. I also have lots of old notebook that I keep. Will check out their Facebook page

    1. All of these notebooks are not used at all or only partially :D
      But I'm working on that!!

  2. What I love most about this post is the point you make about how using these notebooks on the metro helps you to be disconnected from social media for me, that says so much because, by using the paper, you are connecting to the environment and the Earth and also giving yourself a healthy break! So good for the soul! What a great topic! I am a notebook lover too although I admit I haven't used them so often since typing became so easy...:)

    1. Hi Collen B!

      Thank you for the compliment!

      I need to confesse that if I let my self go I can become quite addicted to social media. The worst is that I ended up most of the times always seing the same posts. So not really adding nothing new to my life!

  3. I think everyone should read this post because you are raising awareness to such an important issue that so many of us forget and take for granted.

    1. Sarah Ann thank you so much!

      We can change the world a litle each time.

  4. Love old notebooks, found some of my dad's old ones they were priceless and full of lovely memories from him x