Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Way to Minimalism - Books

There are few people that love books and don't try to collect them.

The majority of the book lovers love to have full bookshelves. Piles of books! Some organised by colour or size.
But who is reading books more than once? Maybe twice?... There are some books that have won a special space in our heart, that we may read more than once, but how many are they?

The cruel truth is that we aren't going to read these books again and some we are never going to read at all

This situation is a classic case of book cruelty! And we don't want to be cruel, do we?!

At home I have a bookshelf with about 1 meter width and two of these bookshelves are allowed to have books. If we want to have "new" books, we need to get rid of some of the books to gain space. It's a clutter avoidance method.

What I do to keep a healthy cruelty free bookshelf:

   1. Book Swapping

Let's book swap!

It's a great idea for meeting new people and get books you wouldn't read otherwise.
If you want to go out of your book safe zone just create a Facebook event or use other ways to schedule a book swap!

It's also very interesting to swap books with your family or close friends! Why don't you plan a Dinner & Book Swap!?

   2. Random Book Present Exchange

On Christmas I did two Secret Santas. One with my close friends and the other with young Portuguese people that live in Stuttgart.

At both events the theme was exchanging old books that we already read and loved.

   3. Donate the Books for Charity

Many churches here in Germany have book sales. People donate their books and the church sells them per kilo.

   4. Release the book wherever you are when you are finished reading it


Other ideas for adding a book to your Read Goal and not add a new book:
  • Audiobooks 
  • Ebooks
  • Libraries 
  • Borrowing books

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