Friday, 15 April 2016

20 Days Minimalism Challenge - 5th Day

5th Day

5th day and I'm not yet panicking!

Today I decided to check my knitting box. And I found the courage to get rid of some of my wool. 
I will try to sell it in the flea market with a very low price and if I don't sell or give it away I will throw it away.

I got the two yellowiosh wools in a kit to learn how to knitt socks. They looked nice but when you knit something out of them it looks very ugly (for me). I thought I could still do the socks but then I will feeel like I don't want to wear them!

The blue wool is an acrylic wool that I bought more than 8 years ago! I did a scarf that I already don't have and a pair of mittens that look like new still now with this wool. That is the blessing when you knit with acrylic. 

I also said goodbye to a tissue that I kept to do some sewing project but it was stained.

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