Thursday, 25 February 2016

The super vegan chocolate & banana cake

Tonight, for the first time, I made a vegan cake, a chocolate & banana vegan cake! And it was perfect!

If I hadn't done it by myself I wouldn't have believed it.

Neither my friends believed that something great would come out of a chocolate & banana vegan cake recipe
When they arrived for dinner I was still mixing the dry ingredients and I can tell you that the look of disbelief was great.

The ingredients for a Chocolate & Banana Vegan Cake are:

- 1+1/2 cups flour
- 3- 6 TBS cocoa
- 1 cup sugar
- 1 TSB baking powder
- 3 packages of Vanilla sugar (or 3 TSB) or 1 TSB of Vanilla essence.
- 2 banana sliced into small pieces
- 1 TSP Apple vinegar (or normal vinegar)
- 3 TSB Vegetable Oil
- 1 Cup of water

How to do it:

Mix all the solid ingredients until everything looks well blended. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix by hand. The oven should be preheated, 180º Celsius for 35 min. 

I used a rectangular shape cake form and it was enough for 6 servings. If the cake is not cooked completely it doesn't matter because it has no eggs. (My cake was really nicely cooked, only on one side it wasn't. Due to a part of the baking paper getting in between).

It's a cheap and fast recipe. You don't need to use props at all and in the end it's the perfect chocolate & banana cake that got all of us by surprise. I bet it will suprise you too.

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  1. Tried it, amazing how tasty a vegan cake can be.