Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Atheism – the new hidden religion

I have to say that I find it adorable when people try to argue with me about my belief in God.

Normally all the discussions end up with them basically saying that I’m stupid… But here is the catch…

They post quotes everyday about Atheism on Facebook and show me books about the topic and try to convince me with valid arguments how stupid I am and how great they are.

Do they realize they are the new door to door Jehovah's Witnesses, trying to convince people that their religion is better than any other religion in this world? 

It is like they found out the holy truth and need to make it known how they saw the light and the rest of the world is inferior just because they don’t share the same belief.

To be honest, I discussed all these religious topics when I was a teenager, just an agnostic-atheist  curious about the world… so I wonder what these people talked about in their free time back then.

I converted to Christianity at the age of 23 years! It was a well informed decision that I did with the full power of my conscience … so at this point of my life I don’t appreciate that people try to convert me to a religion that I’m not interested in. 

I’m waiting for the day that my Atheist friends respect my religious choices as much I respect theirs.

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