Sunday, 13 March 2016

The social knitter

I really don't remember why I wanted to start knitting.
I remember that in highschool my grandma bought me the first wool for my first project and teatched me the basics.

I took so much time to finish my first project! I restarted it so uncountless times. Just because I wasn't happy with the result every time I got to the end.

I still have that scarf!

All the rest that I learned I did it with YouTube videos and tutorials help.

I'm back to knitting but it doesn't mean I became faster finishing projects. Now I try always to do things that I never did before: knitting with several colours, more difficult colours and so on.
With this hobby of mine I try to challenge my self to never do it at home in front of the tv.

I call my self a "SOCIAL KNITTER".

You have the social smoker, the social drinker and I'm the social knitter.

So you can imagine, I just knit in social environment. In knitting meetups, in the subway, while I'm waiting for something!

I prefer to do like this because knitting is a very sedentary hobbie. And why I should knit allone if you can knit with other people, eat cake and talk, talk and talk.

I can't say I never knit at home but when I do is because I'm finishing projects and I'm with that adrenaline rush that all the knitters know.

If you want to become a social knitter search on for a group on your area. Or on facebook.

My knitting group: Stuttgart Expat Knit & Crochet Group on Facebook

And here you can find me in raverly:

Good knits :)

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